Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Burp/ZAP plugin : Script Generator

Often in pentest/CTF, using Burp repeater/intruder is not enough to test certain vulnerabilities (second order SQL injection, padding oracle, etc). The most flexible method is always to build a small script to reproduce the original request(s) and add what is specific to the problem.

In practice when it come to reproduce the exact same request, a lot of time can be spend because of a forgotten parameter or header. I often reuse the same python templates to avoid searching in the documentation as I build a new script. Seeing part of the process being repetitive, I decided to try to build a plugin for Burp.

The plugin

The plugin generate a script (in python/ruby) to reproduce a HTTP request identify in the proxy tool. It does nothing revolutionary. It only supports the first of step of building a scripted attack. It does not provide templates for specific attacks.

The scripts generated are intended to be use outside of the proxy for complete control.


There is not much to be said about the usage of the plugin. Here are few images that show scripts generation in both Burp Proxy and Zed Attack Proxy.

Context menu in Burp Suite Pro
Context menu in Zed Attack Proxy
Python script generated
Ruby/Perl/PHP languages are also supported

Try it yourself

The Burp and ZAP plugins are available to download at
Note : Burp Free edition does not supports extensions (doesn't have the Extender Tab).